7 Tips for Post Covid House Cleaning2

7 Tips for Post Covid House Cleaning

In the perfect situation, prevention is the best defence. Wearing face masks, washing hands, taking care of what goes into your home, and where you go with how many people. Unfortunately, the world is not perfect, as we have all learnt this year.

Prevention is the main focus, and the best, but keeping up the defence post infection is more important. Taking care of yourself, or your family members who got sick is more than essential. Being prepped with monitors, doctor prescribed treatments in addition to the home medicine arsenal is key. The single most important part of this step, is preventing further infections, keeping your home and family safe.

This article is to get you ready; we’ve put together seven tips to manage this situation, and how to hopefully shorten it. We’ve included some products that are both recommended by the CDC and effective in eliminating germs and viruses.

1. Isolate infection potential

 Take pre-emptive measures by keeping the infected family member to their room, and a separate bathroom if you can. Set aside glasses, blankets, and the like for the individual who’ve contracted the disease.

2.Limit exposure

Once the patient is recovered and strong enough, encourage them to do the first round of cleaning. Of course, in this situation first guarantee the wellbeing of the infected. If they are not up to it, send in the primary caretaker. Again, attempt to limit all other members of the household and family’s exposure to the infected rooms and objects.

3.Cleaning is not the same as Disinfectant

Cleaning is removing grime, dirt, and impurities from surfaces. Soap and water are a proven preventive measure against Covid, it is important to break the fat layer over all surfaces and objects, and all the viruses and microbes that attach to it. Disinfecting is specifically to kill germs.

4.Be Patient

The important part of Disinfection is time. Follow the instructions on the disinfectant product. Spray the clean surfaces, and wait. Give the liquid time to work it’s magic. The SARS-CoV 2 strain can remain viable on various surfaces for hours or several days. It is recommended to close the rooms used by the infected for 7 days before initiating the first step of cleaning. However, seeing as not all households can simply close off a bedroom or spare bathroom, the disinfecting process is significant. We recommend you also using Foggers: Thermal Fogging Machine, in addition sanitizing spray, and our disinfectant spray machines.

5.Pay attention to the details

Go the extra mile for the small things, doorknobs, tabletops, light switches, phones, computer keyboards, faucets, toothbrushes, and toilets. All of the surfaces regularly used by the sick.

6.Especially the Laundry

Once the recovery is finished, thoroughly clean it all. Get the pillow cases, the duvet covers, the mattress cover, and blankets. Follow the instructions, make the water as warm as possible. Limit the movement of the linens, do not shake them out. Once they are through the washing machine, make sure they are completely dry. Do the same with the ‘patients’ clothes.

7.Freshen up the Room

At the tail end of all this, open the windows, ventilate the rooms. Sun light will ultimately destroy the viruses and germs. Let the room freshen up, and repeat the process at least once.

In closing, a few more things. Your home does not have to be completely sterile, its a living space, and there are positive microbes all over the place. And clean the hampers.

Use a face mask, and disposable gloves, all to throwaway at the end of your tasks.

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