All about FFP Dust Masks | Benefits of Using Filtering Facepiece Masks

All about Dust Masks

FFP masks are also known as filtering half-face masks. These masks are available in three main types i.e. Dust masks FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3. All these three types of masks are widely used in industries for protection against airborne particles. Protective Hygiene specializes in providing good quality half-face masks. The FFP2 masks manufacture by Protective Hygiene is CE marked which shows that the design of the mask has been tested to a recognized standard. The higher the number, the better the protection.

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FFP2 and FFP3 dust masks are popular because of their stylish design and amazing properties. FFP2 respirators can reduce the amount of dust you breathe-in by factors of 4, 10, and 20 respectively. Protective Hygiene is also specialized in manufacturing ffp1 surgical masks. The dust mask box price varies from company to company. An FFP2 and FFP3 respirators are advisable if you are exposed to high levels of grain, gas, dust, or mold spores.  These face masks are recommended for use in UK Healthcare Settings by HSE to protect healthcare workers from infectious aerosols. These face masks also provide great protection for different viruses such as CIVID 19. FFP2 face masks provide the best level of protection. One must carry out a pre-use check every time they put on their respirator. Always check that it is fitted according to the manufacturer’s instructions, so ensure that the straps and strips for molding the respirator around your nose are correctly adjusted. To test the effectiveness of FFP2, hold it in place and breathe either in or out sharply.

Benefits of Using FFP2 Masks

Some of the benefits of using FFP2 face masks are as follows:

  • The media used in FFP2 face masks will help in filtering a minimum of 94% of particles sized among 0.3 and 0.6 microns
  • One can find FFP2 face mask easier to breathe through this is because the media filters less and therefore you can breathe better
  • This amazing mask fits perfectly on a face
  • The use of FFP2 face masks helps in preventing your lungs from being polluted by external hazards

There are different companies from where one can purchase dust masks for sale. The protection only works when a person keeps proper account of other protective measures at the same time. Always wash your hands properly before putting on the mask and after removing it from your face.  The 3 ply disposable respiratory face masks are popular because of their unique features and affordable pricing. The dust mist respirator mask protects against different viruses.

Respiratory protection.

How to Wear FFP2 Mask?

Wearing an FFP2 face mask is not a hard job to perform. Simply follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1: First of all properly wash your hands

Step2: After this remove the packaging of the mask

Step 3: Now open the mask and hold its straps

Step 4: After this, put the mask on the face. Pull the straps of the face mask over the ears

Step 5: Shape nose piece with fingers. Press on the mask to create the seal so that no air can enter inside it

By following the above-mentioned steps one can easily put on the face mask. Similarly, for removing the mask, remove the straps from the ear and avoid touching the mask. The ffp2 manufacturers of Protective Hygiene are very well trained in their job. The professionals provide the top-quality product to their clients for respiratory protection.

Comparison Chart

Protection LevelThe protection level of FFP1 is less than FFP2 and FFP3The protection level of FFP2 is less than FFP3 but greater than FFP1It provides maximum protection and safety
UsageIntended to use by carpenters to avoid dustIntended to use in elder-care and nursing homesProvides protection against droplet aerosols, viruses, bacteria, protein molecules, highly dangerous dust such as asbestos fibers, fungi and spores, and more.
0.3 microns>= 80%>= 94%= 99%

What is FFP2 Mask Wholesale?

If you want to buy a large number of Dust Masks FFP2 face masks for your employees or company’s staff members then the best approach is to buy them from some wholesale FFP2 suppliers. One can get affordable, reliable, and professional services from reputed FFP2 Mask Wholesale Suppliers of respiratory protection.


If you are looking for a top-class dust mask FFP1/ FFP2 delivery, then call Protective Hygiene which is the company which you must approach. Protective Hygiene is one of the best PPE supplier companies based in Henley on Klip, for any product enquiry. The ffp2 masks Cape Town is popular because of its top-quality services and products for safety.

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