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Blue Pulse Oximeter Review

Blue Pulse Oximeter

If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything it is how exposed we are. Modern life, travelling, something as simple as leaving the house exposes us to some truly dangerous unseen enemies.

We are arming ourselves every day, wearing masks, washing hands, washing our cars, clothes and phones to protect ourselves against germs. We are all germaphobes now, and this growth is positive. For we face a million diseases and issues every day.

Whether it is the Covid-19 disease itself or something else, we live incredibly exposed lives when it comes to health. Lifestyle diseases are at an all-time high, as have been pointed out many times the statistics of people dying of all sorts of ‘ordinary’ diseases are comparatively epidemic.

Monitoring ourselves, our travel, clothes and items is one thing, washing our hands and protecting our selves with masks is another thing. But taking charge of one’s personal wellbeing is more important than ever, and the Pulse Oximeter is a product designed exactly for this.

This small device is a medical wonder, a marvel of science and medical science coming together. The Oximeter measures peripheral blood oxygen saturation, SP02, and it was invented for clinical use. It does not measure the more critical arterial oxygen saturation, but is a tool unendingly useful in the home medicine arsenal.

Low blood oxygen levels can manifest in many ways, but the most dangerous part of Covid-19 is that people can develop silent hypoxemia, which is severely low levels of blood oxygen. Silent hypoxemia is similar to altitude sickness, where the lungs are not functioning properly but the patient does not carry traditional symptoms like shortness of breath.

In addition to this, low blood oxygen levels can indicate a myriad of conditions, which left undetected could potentially harm your well-being.

This is where the oximeter proves indispensable.

The healthy rate for blood oxygen levels in adults is a 95 – 100% rate, and anything lower than 90 can result in cyanosis, digital clubbing, among other things. Low blood oxygen levels can severely impact children’s growth, so arm your family, not just for these unprecedented times but for the future.

The Pulse Oximeter is compact, convenient to use. It runs on two easily accessible 1.5V(AAA size) alkaline batteries, the display is easy to understand and easy to use. Simply place your finger on the blinking light and wait for the results. It comes with a convenient strap, that you can hang up in an easy to reach spot. GP’s advice patients who contract Covid-19 to purchase this device, to monitor their levels three times a day at home, themselves.

To use simply click the ‘on’ button, insert finger, and wait, do not move and be still. The result will show and then you are set.

It also measures your pulse rate which is convenient for mountain climbers, fitness enthusiasts, as well as medical institutions.

Arm your family, or your business, and get some real clarity when it comes to what matters.
For affordable peace of mind, order yours with Protective Hygiene today.

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