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Everyone in this world wants his/her surroundings clean and clear. They don’t want any dirt around them. They want everything clean. For cleaning purposes, they get the best products which can help them to clean their home, offices and other workplaces. Now, in this digital world, everyone wants to get his/her need for products at their door without any struggle. We are now selling these cleaning products online. But how will you buy them? And, from where to buy? Who is the best manufacturer of cleaning chemicals, and which company is the best supplier of these products?

This blog will help you in getting information about the best cleaning products supplier. Let’s have a closer look here.


  • Who manufactures cleaning
  • Best cleaning equipment
  • Best cleaning chemicals supplier near me
  • How can you get these products online with the insured quality of chemicals?
  • Products in stock of projective hygiene
  • How can you start your own business?
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Who manufactures quality cleaning

Projective hygiene is one of the best companies to manufacture cleaning products. We are manufacturing and supplying these products all over the world since 1961. Although not the best company globally in terms of revenue collections due to the low population but one of the best in South Africa.

Best cleaning equipment

We have a wide range of these chemicals which will help you in cleaning. Here we’ll introduce you to one of our best cleaning products.

  1. Degreaser
  2. High-pressure GP cleaner
  3. Germ Buster
  4. Kiemotol
  5. Eco dish wash
  6. Antibac
  7. Deo blocks
  8. Pine gel
  9. Washing powder
  10. Mops


Degreaser is a cleaning product designed so that it is used to clean grease, oils, fingerprints, etc. They are best used to clean metal fabrics, electrical equipment like motors and transformers. Degreaser is used primarily for industrial purposes because sometimes, due to grease and oil, there happens short-circuiting of electrical appliances. So degreasing them is the best way to make those equipment’s life larger.

High-pressure GP cleaner

High-pressure GP cleaner is a mixture of water-soluble solvents, surfactants, and sequestrates. It is used with washing powder to remove stains from the clothes. Some drops of this powder with washing powder can pull out the stubborn stains.


Kiemotol is a disinfectant used for cleaning. It uses to cleans the washrooms, walls, and floors of a building.

Pine gel

Pine gel is a surface cleaner with a fragment smell. You can use pine gel to clean your kitchens and rooms.


Anti-bac is used to kill germs. It makes your building germ-free.

Best cleaning chemicals supplier near me

You are living in South Africa and searching for the best supplier of cleaning equipment.

  • How can you get these products online with the insured quality of chemicals?

Projective hygiene is one of the most trustworthy companies across the globe. We have every piece of cleaning equipment with a certificate of standardization. You will get quality products. If you are not trusting us and want the asssurity, you can contact our previous buyers through our website. In this way, you will know about us.

Products in stock of projective hygiene

Protective hygiene is providing its customers with the best cleaning chemicals in South Africa. We are exporting these chemicals all over the world. Cleaning chemicals in stock of projective hygiene are

  • Hand sops 25L
  • 5L Anti bac
  • 25L Eco Klenz degreaser
  • High-pressure GP cleaner, range from 5L to 25L
  • Kiemotol, range from 5L to 25L
  • Germ Buster

How can you start your own cleaning business?

Can someone start his own cleaning business? It is worthy of starting a cleaning business with a low operating cost and fewer resources because it doesn’t require a big office. The things you need are a vehicle and a small office to start.

If you want to start your own cleaning business in South Africa or anywhere across the globe with a low budget and low overhead, you have to keep these things in your mind and stick to these things.

Cleaning equipment

  • First, you need to do a cleaning job yourself to have experience in the field.
  • Gather some good money to start with small funds and a couple of trusted people to give you a hand in business.
  • Gather some information about the best equipment’s people mostly like to use.
  • Choose a name for your business company. It could be attractive so most people can engage with your company as a buyer and as a worker too.
  • You’ll need a licensee from the respective institution off cleaning to start. Otherwise, your company will be closed even before opening.
  • Hire a marketer and start marketing off your new company to attract more people from all over the world.
  • Customer services should be the priority you have to look at. They can hire another company for cleaning purposes, but you will lose a customer if you didn’t give them a priority.
  • Get a well-organized company to work smoothly

Contact us

You want the best cleaning chemicals in South Africa. Please go through our website and search for chemicals and disinfectants.  We have the standard assured chemicals in stock. Order from there and receive the products in your home. If you have any query about this, you can contact us through our email OR mobile number 0823216520. We’ll review your question and will try to respond as quickly as possible.