Face Shields and Covid 19

The word face shield is, along with the word mask, is probably one of the most said words all over the globe amidst the Covid19 pandemic. The new phenomenon known as Personal Protective Equipment has quite literally taken the world by storm in a bid to protect people from the Covid-19 virus.

Face shields have become one of the most needed items in South Africa to date with various types of face shields for sale in the PPE industry.

Face shields offer maximum protection when worn together with a mask, and regular washing and sanitizing of hands and other surfaces.

The History of The Face Shield

The face shield mask was invented in 1903 when eye protection started to be used in the medical field. This face shield was a transparent sanitary shield for protection from inhaling viruses and germs that could lead to disease.

In 1974, James H. Bolker designed a surgical hood with a clear, plastic faceplate that included a suction system so as to remove the exhaled breath from under the face plate. Later in 1989 a cap with an incorporated face shield was designed for non-surgical medical personnel.

Comfort and The Face Shield

With so many face shields for sale it is sometimes hard to decide on which one to choose.

Most face shields are made with plastic, but some materials can be more rigid than others. Shields that are more durable will typically last longer.

The most important thing to look for is clarity in a face shield. You want to be able to see and perform your day to day tasks productively when you use a face shield. Face shields should also be comfortable and not fit too tightly around the head.

While most people opt for comfort, children tend to opt for face shields that are made specifically for kids. These are particularly helpful in the ability to make the best out of a bad situation, and with so many face shields to choose from it can become an exciting activity for the younger generation.

Types of Face Shields

The face shield can be adapted to fit anybody and everybody and comes in a wide variety of styles. There are many types of face shield masks. Some are made specifically for comfort, others are cartoon face shields for children, and some face shields are specifically made for adults and medical staff.

You can now even buy face shields with glasses in South Africa! These have been engineered with highly reliable anti-fog and anti-blur coating to ensure that you have clarity of vision at all times. This face shield gives you both transparency and comfort at the same time.

Our Face Shields

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