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FAMKA supplies high quality medical diagnostic kits and other supplies for clinics, hospitals, homes or mobile users on a global scale. With our GLOBAL distribution centres we are able to provide easy access from anywhere in the world at any time of day thanks to our couriers based services which come highly recommended by doctors worldwide!

Know your status

FAMKA supplies high quality Medical Diagnostic Kits and other medical supplies for Clinics, Hospitals, home users on a global scale. With our GLOBAL distribution centers we have access to the world! Deliveries are made easy via courier based services that can deliver straight into your waiting hands
We ship all over place no matter what part of this majestic planet you call “home”.

If you’re feeling like your home health kit needs to be updated, get in touch with us today!
We have a variety of products that can diagnose most any problem at high levels of accuracy. With these tests discreetly done and anonymous results provided for free (99% accurate), there’s no reason not make them part if our business anymore – they even come straight from factories certified by International Medical Device Standard 13485(+GMP) so we know exactly what quality means here on the inside out as well as outside-in..

All test kits have valid CE approvals and certificates of conformity. The World Wide Medical Test Company has satisfied customers from all walks of life, including professionals in hospitals or clinics who use our products to diagnose their patients while they’re abroad on assignment for work

Famka Product Range

COVID -19 : ANTI-BODY Rapid Test Kit

COVID-19 Antigen Test

Covid – 19 Rapid test Kit – Antibody type

Phyto Andro

HIV (1&2) 3 Pack Rapid Test Kit (Home Test Kit)

Chlamydia Rapid Screen Test

STD Combo Kit

Syphilis Home Test Kit

Hepatitis B & C (Combo) Rapid Screen Test Kits

Hepatitis C (HCV) Rapid Screen Test

Herpes-2 Rapid Test

Hepatitis B (HBsAG) Rapid Screen Test Rapid 5 in 1 Screen Test

Gonorrhea Rapid Screen Test

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