Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

The Coronavirus has been a lesson to most of the world and has taught us the importance of using hand sanitisers so as to avoid the spread of viruses.

Unfortunately, germs are everywhere and during the current pandemic we have to apply even more precautions so as to make sure that we don’t contract the potentially deadly virus.

These germs have the ability to get on you hands by touching surfaces during our usual day to day activities. Combine these germs with touching your face and you have a potential disaster on your hand. Excuse the pun.

Sanitising your hands on a regular basis is critical to avoid being ill or spreading germs to others around you. Hand Sanitiser dispensers are usually placed in areas that are easy to get to for added convenience.

In this article we will explain how a hand sanitiser dispenser works and the advantages of having one.

What Is A Hand Sanitiser Dispenser?

A hand sanitiser dispenser is a device that us used for convenience as well as to control the amount of sanitiser gel that is being dispensed.

Hand sanitiser dispensers come in many forms. Some are automatic and are mounted to a wall. When you place your hand underneath the machine there is a sensor that allows the sanitiser to dispense sanitiser onto your hands.

Other sanitising machines can be foot operated so as to avoid any contact by using your foot to pump the amount of sanitiser that you need out onto your hands.

One of the biggest advantages of wall mounted or foot-controlled hand sanitiser dispenser machine is that it only releases only a standard amount of sanitiser that is enough to clean both hands. This assures minimum wastage unlike manual sanitiser machines that can often release more sanitiser than needed.

The Advantages of Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

  • A touchless experience.
  • No unneeded time wasted by pressing a button.
  • Automatic dispensers have ultrasonic sensors that release sanitiser when it senses your hands underneath the nozzle
  • Fast, safe, and efficient.

Wall Mounted

A wall mounted manual hand sanitiser requires the user to push the pump in order to release the sanitiser. While touching the pump can spread germs, it is still better than nothing.

Then we have the wall mounted automatic hand sanitiser dispensers that is of course far better than traditional sanitiser dispensers. The machine does not need to be touched at all and there is no common point of contact thus reducing the risk of germs being transferred to yourself or others.

Floor Operated Hand Sanitiser Dispensers

Floor operated hand sanitiser dispenser stands are extremely handy for businesses, schools and shopping centers so as to ensure that visitors have the ability to sanitize their hands without making any contact.

This foot operated sanitiser dispenser stand is a device which dispenses a more controlled amount of sanitiser to the hands when the pump is gently pushed with the user’s foot.

These can be used according to the type of market that they are accommodating and can be categorized as follows:

  • Gel sanitiser dispensing machines
  • Liquid sanitiser dispensing machines
  • Foam sanitiser dispensing machines

They can also be categorized into the following:

  • Less than 1.5 litres
  • 1.5 – 2 liters
  • 2.5 – 3 liters
  • 3.5 plus liters

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