How To Prepare for Self-Isolation or Quarantining At Home:

How To Prepare for Self-Isolation or Quarantining At Home:

Because COVID-19 is a virus that spreads to people very easily,  it is possible that you will come into contact with an infected person. There are high amounts of people who report no symptoms of the virus. Only after being tested positive for the virus do the sick people undertake a 14-day isolation time at home, after the virus has already spread to other hands.

If you come into contact with people who get a positive COVID-19 test after seeing you, and you aren’t showing symptoms of coronavirus, you will still need to self-quarantine within your household.

How To Prepare For Self-Isolating or Quranting At Home

Whether you’re in self-isolation or quarantining from exposure to the virus, you are going to need some preparation for the time alone. You will need medications, household items, and other basic supplies in order to properly isolate.

But Wait, What’s The Difference Between Self-quarantine And Isolation?

A person without COVID-19 symptoms will quarantine.

A person with COVID-19 symptoms and a positive COVID test will isolate.

How Long is a quarantine or isolation period?

A 14-day quarantine or isolation, with no physical contact.

Never leave your isolation or self-quarantine period before the required time, otherwise, you risk spreading COVID-19 to another person with who you come into contact, and remember to always wear a mask and maintain social distancing to minimize risk.

Buy Foods

One of the main coronavirus symptoms is a loss in the sense of smell and taste in food.  Whether or not you’re showing these COVID symptoms, you will still need to eat foods and drink water.

Eating healthy foods and drinking lots of water will help your immune system prepare itself for COVID-19, and help it recover from the virus if you are infected. We don’t recommend buying alcohol for your isolation or quarantine.

Buy Medical Supplies

Medical supplies are imperative for all households and will be invaluable during self-isolation or self-quarantine periods. If you want to take care of your health, you should ensure that you have all the essential supplies in case you develop symptoms of coronavirus. Buy common medical care such as towels and an alcohol-based hand sanitizer for your hands and surfaces.

Prepare Hobbies

If a time comes where you will have to go into isolation or quarantine, having things to let the times roll by can help keep the mind healthy.

Prepare External Support

Have your family and a close friend know that you are going into self-isolation or quarantine. Having a friend or family member will come in handy during this time, and will help you minimize the spread of disease. Ask them to get your usual household products or personal household items if you run out. If a parent or friend will bring you items, make sure to continually sanitize surfaces, doorknobs and maintain social distancing.

Educate Yourself And Family

To avoid the risk of getting COVID and having to quarantine or self-isolate you and your family need to know how to avoid the spread. To minimize the health impact of COVID on your family, you need to educate them too.

Make sure you all wear a mask around every person, even if they show no signs of a fever or another COVID symptom.

Wash Your hands for 20 seconds with soap or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer to help stop the spread of COVID.

Drink plenty of water if you get a fever.

Look out for mild symptoms, and avoid touching your nose and mouth in public.

Clean surfaces that you frequently touch, such as phones and bathroom fixtures and your office.

When To Reach Professionals

If you have COVID symptoms, call your healthcare provider or speak to public health officials to find out where the nearest COVID test facilities are.

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