How to Stop Glasses from Fogging When Wearing A Mask

How to Stop Glasses from Fogging When Wearing A Mask

As if wearing glasses was not irritating enough for some people, Covid-19 has forced those who wear glasses to have to contend with misty vision when wearing a mask.

Besides this being a mere irritation, it can also decrease visibility which could lead to problems when working and trying to do simple day-to-day activities.

How to Stop Glasses from Fogging When Wearing A Mask2

Why Do My Glasses Fog Up When Wearing A Mask?

Glasses tend to fog up when warm air from the mouth and nose escapes through gaps in the mask and then hits the cool surface of your glasses. This causes a layer of moisture on your glasses which is extremely hard to see through.

Can I Use My Spit?

No! Although you may try this under normal circumstances this is definitely not the way to go amidst a serious pandemic. Firstly, spit will not stop your glasses from fogging up and secondly using bacteria-filled fluids is not a good idea at all.


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 # 2 Products You Can Use to Prevent Glasses from Fogging Up

The best way to clean your glasses if by washing them with warm water. Do not use soap, shaving cream or shampoos as these can leave a film on your glasses.

Try to rather follow these easy steps:

  • Rinse your glasses with soap and warm water.
  • Leave them to air dry.
  • After doing this you can wipe any spots off your glasses with a dry microfiber cloth.

# 3 Seal the Mask

Try to pull your mask up high enough and then lower your glasses so that a seal is created to stop warm moist air from escaping and fogging up your glasses.

# 4 Tape the Mask

You can also cut off the flow of your breath from the top of your mask with tape if need be. The following materials can be used to shut off the flow of breath from your mask to your glasses:

  • Medical tape
  • Sports tape
  • Adhesive bandage

# 4 Block the Gap

If you need a quick anti-fog solution then you can use tissue, a paper towel or cloth. Fold the tissue up in to a thin long piece and place it under the top edge of the mask. After doing this secure your mask so that the tissue stays in place.

# 5 Other Solutions

Nylon Tights

Yes you can use nylon tights to hold your face mask closer to your face! Although these do not provide any protection against germs it can help to assist secure you mask to your face in order to prevent any breath from escaping.

Sprays and Wipe Products

There are a variety of wipes and sprays that are specifically made to help ease foggy glasses. These products leave behind a film that is resistant to the fog that is left by warm, moist breath.

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