Essential Services Clothing Range

The Essential Services Clothing Range features a wide range of innovative products that will keep you safe and sound while on the job. Explore our game-changing head protection, eyewear protection, ear protection, hand protection, footwear, and respiratory products with us today.

Don’t be caught without your Essential Safety Wear!

Protective Hygiene has designed a range of safety wear to help protect workers from dust, sharp objects or injury. The head and eye protections can keep your eyes safe while you work with some protective goggles. You’ll need the ear protection if you’re working around loud machinery or in an environment where there’s excessive noise pollution, which is usually either found on construction sites or factories. As for your hands and feet, we’ve got you covered! Essential Services provide the necessary footwear to carry out any task at hand without getting injured by anything prickly on surfaces like glass, stone tiles and metal grates in supermarket aisles.
Know that when it comes to workplace safety its not just about protecting yourself as much as possible but making sure everyone else is safe

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