Face Shields

Looking to buy face shields online in South Africa? We have you covered! Protective Hygiene stocks protective face shields to help keep you safe and reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. Our range of clear PET plastic face shields offers a protective barrier that’s great for guarding your face in the workplace or while running errands.

Face Shields: The face shield and goggles are also used to provide protection against Covid’19. Face shield is easy to use and apply. Always wash your hands before putting on your face shield. Always select a face shield that wraps properly around the sides of your face and extends easily below your chin. The face shields are used to prevent the spray of respiratory droplets. These are mostly used by doctors and health care staff. Similarly, goggles are used to provide protection to the eyes. Always clean and disinfect the reusable face shields properly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In case you are using a disposable face shield then wear it once and throw it right away.

CDC perceives that wearing masks may not be possible in every circumstance or for certain individuals. Individuals who can’t wear a mask are encouraged to focus on virtual commitment whenever the situation allows. For in-person exercises, we have given a couple of instances of how you can do to make wearing a mask more viable and how to decrease the spread of COVID-19 in the event that you can’t wear a mask.

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