Be free from germs with Foggars! This clever and efficient device will get rid of all those funky sneezing, sniffling co-workers or house guests in a jiffy. Unlike most cleaners it won’t damage your furniture, carpet or paint too much either because it’s made to be safely used on any surface area. What are you waiting for…get one now!

When you push a button, Sanitizer Fogger blasts the area around you with a fine mist of bacteria-killed air. Pretty neat for your car, home and office.

Foggers work like magic to clean and disinfect! They’re simple and fast, use up little storage space in your car or home, and even hold up under wear and tear better than items such as hand sanitizers that can leak. Fill a room with life-saving fog today!

Protect your family from COVID19 with a sanitizer fogger! Foggers work by dispersing disinfectant in the air, leaving it to linger for hours. The sanitizing formula is designed to be safe and gentle on the environment, but powerful enough to kill against COVID19.

The sanitizing formula is designed to be safe and gentle on the environment, but powerful enough to kill against COVID19. The fogging liquid is non-toxic and so will not damage surfaces or objects in your home. With a fogger, you can disinfect an entire room with just one click of the button! There are many different fogger products on the market that you can choose from. Some are even designed specifically for certain rooms in your home or business space or even your vehicle. The 400ml fogger is the best value for money at a price of R55,00. This makes the 400ml far better value than the 275ml and 125ml.

The 400ml fogger or also known as the disinfectant fogger, aerosol disinfectant, sanitizer fogger, or aerosol disinfectant fogger. It is a safe and effective way to clean your home, business space, or vehicle. The fogging liquid in the 400ml sanitizer fogger is non-toxic so it will not damage surfaces or objects in your interior (due to its powerful yet gentle nature). With this aerosol disinfectant, you can disinfect an entire room with just one can, We at protective Hygiene recommend using a liquid disinfectant like our E14 5L Steri Disinfectant in conjunction with the fogger. Wiping down all surfaces with the liquid disinfectant and using the disinfectant fogger to get to all the hard-to-reach places, or areas you didn’t think of wiping down.

This Air & Surface Disinfectant Fogger is a solvent-based product that evaporates within seconds. It’s up to you to ensure that you handle the product in a safe and environmentally friendly manner so it doesn’t cause any harm on your furniture or other surfaces at home. This method of cleaning allows for easy sanitizing of the entire area or surface, allowing one container to cover an area 9 square meters wide! The ingredients include Ethanol 99.9%, Sodium Benziate, Propylene Glycol, D-Limonene (which comes from peelings!), Glycerine, CB40 Gas which has been proven as being very effective against bacteria such as MRSA when applied topically – where this fogging disinfectant vaporizes

A powerful solvent-based substance, Air & Surface Disinfectant Fogger is designed for easy sanitizing of the surface. It evaporates within seconds and can cover an area up to 9 square meters. This product is perfect for cleaning cars as well as 4x4s or boats with a handy 400mm container box that eliminates any worry about spills!

In closing, sanitizer foggers are an excellent and affordable way to make your home or business safe from CVID19. They provide a quick and easy solution for disinfecting those hard-to-reach places that you may not be able to clean with other methods of wipes, sprays, or brushes.


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