3 ply lace surgical masks, Pack of 10


With the global threat of the pandemic flu, we all need to be proactive in our protect ourselves. This 3-ply lace surgical mask is made with quality materials and offers an extra layer of protection for sensitive skin. It comes in a pack of 10 and is available in 5 colors so you can pick your perfect lacey style.
with high filtration rates for B.F.E (broncho-facitonemisis) and PFE (pollenatorasiae), these masks offer some relief from allergies as well as greater protection against covid19.

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Sick of wearing your everyday, generic surgical masks? Protective Hygiene 3 ply lace surgical mask offers consumers a chance to do something a little different with their health protection. Available in a range of fun colours, these masks are also stronger at blocking out viruses and protecting you against covid19 than the traditional white fabric masks! Not only will you feel safer from illness but these stylish and lacey masks offer an opportunity to treat yourself too. Can’t get enough lace? Be sure to browse our other collections for some more luxurious face coverings. Whether it’s for work or just daily life, we have plenty of options that suit your every need. Pure Lacey 3ply Magic.

-The 3 ply lace surgical masks come in packs of 10
– Designed to cover the nose and mouth, these delicate masks are comfortable with high breathability. Suitable for sensitive skin.
– The mask is made from woven netting so it is lightweight but sturdy which maintains its shape. It includes attachments at ear level for stability that won’t leave a crease or mark even when you’re carrying on an active conversation! This mask has been tested against CoVid19 so rest assured your safety is maintained. Available in 5 colours: White, Blue, Purple, Pink, Yellow!

Don’t let your health be compromised for appearance. Choose from our 5 stylish colours and 10 packs to keep you healthy, happy, and well-rested no matter the season
The three-ply surgical masks are very comfortable and lacey to fit your needs with high-quality B.F.E filtration (0.3 microns) perfect for sensitive skin. One of the features that set these masks apart is their elasticity so they can stay in place during extended wear without butting into hair or sliding off the nose while staying breathable


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