3ply Butterfly Pattern Surgical mask , 50 of Box


The 3ply Butterfly Pattern Surgical Masks with professional filter is soft, comfortable and breathable. Various butterfly patterns available.

This 3 ply butterflies surgical mask is an essential accessory for any travel or day out. It will help you breathe freely in a polluted environment by trapping airborne particles and preventing them from entering your nose, mouth, and lungs. With versatility and softness on skin, it will make everything feel that much better while protecting your face from any harmful pollutants. No other masks can be softer than this one!


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Prepared by prof. Dr. Zhang, each individual butterfly pattern surgical mask is manufactured with high-quality 3ply material that provides the best protection for its consumers especially in a hospital environment where one must sometimes avoid contact with harmful microorganisms from other patients or even surfaces in the hospital. The Butterfly Pattern Surgical Mask comes equipped with an easy-to-use elastic band that ensures effective sealing of the respiratory tract and prevention of fluid transmission during procedures so you can remain confident while treating any patient without worry! Protect your family too and enjoy using this product!

What does it feel like to be kissed by a butterfly? What about inhaling that deeply floral aroma springing up in the garden after the rainy season is gone? It’s soft, warm, and refreshing for your senses.
Dare to find out what this 3ply Surgical Mask feels like on your face! It’ll protect you from harsh conditions or powerful antigens without obstructing much of your visions so you can see all the colors and wonder of a world outside.

A breathable and comfortable 3ply surgical mask that comes in a variety of butterfly patterns. The durable silicone material is soft on the skin while the filtration helps against bacteria, fungus, viruses, bugs, or ill air


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