3ply butterfly pattern surgical mask, pack of 10


The 3ply Butterfly Pattern Surgical Masks with professional filter is soft, comfortable and breathable. Various butterfly patterns are available.

A breathable and comfortable 3ply surgical mask that comes in a variety of butterfly patterns. The durable silicone material is soft on skin while the filtration helps against bacteria, fungus, viruses, bugs or ill air.

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The Butterfly Pattern mask is a favorite among customers and it has everything you need in a surgical mask. The three ply fabric provides extra cover against airborne contaminants, while the soft material provides optimum comfort and cushioning for your nose and mouth area for increased level of protection from uncomfortable rubbing or chafing. They also come with an added on easy to use elastic strap that will keep it securely around your neck when not in use for hands free carrying so even if you have to pull over to help someone out you can still be safe as well!

The 3ply Butterfly Pattern Surgical Mask is made of high quality cotton that is soft on the skin. They are effective at filtering small particles and have an adjustable elastic to ensure a snug fit.
The masks come in various interesting and beautiful designs, making them enjoyable for people of all genders, ages, and occupations. Here are ten reasons why you should buy your own:
1) It protects against airborne viruses or bacteria such as rhinovirus (common cold), influenza virus (flu), coronavirus (SARS), human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). 2) You can use this item while working out or jogging for exercise 3) Protects the nose from dust particle 4) Doesn’t restrict breathing like surgical


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