3ply lace surgical masks, Box of 50


This stunning lace mask is perfect for all ladies. Made with 100% cotton, and engineered to last. The elasticated ear hook ensures your masks won’t fall off! With safety as it’s a core principle, don’t worry about catching a cold this winter when you’re living in the icy weather conditions we get here in South Africa. Which colour are you going to wear- snow-white or party pink?

Our 3 ply lace surgical masks are the perfect choice for you or a loved one who has sensitive skin. Made with high B.F.E and P.F, these masks offer an excellent filtration system to provide your body with the air it needs to thrive while still looking stylish in 5 colours! They’re also designed for comfortable fitting and easy breathing- making them safe against covid19

3 ply lacey surgical mask

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3 ply lace surgical masks. Each mask comes with 50 premium quality 3-ply face mask covers that are fit for tough conditions. Just pull one from the box, unfold it and place it over your nose and mouth just like that! With features such as High BFE and PFE filtration, these masks are suitable for sensitive skin types so you don’t have to worry about triggering any irritations or other problems. Finally, each cover is made of a soft lace fabric and has sturdy elasticity ear hooks which can be easily detached when necessary. Available in 5 colors – white, blue, pink purple & yellow so there’s a color for everyone on hand!

If you’re looking for a product that is safe, stylish, and comfortable – this high quality lace mask may be the solution. These masks are both proffessional and elegant in style with five different colors to choose from. With 50 masks per pack these economically priced disposable face masks take up little space but can be thrown away or recycled when washed into another pair of adorable lace eyeshades!
Masks come two pieces which cover nose or mouth depending on your need to guard against:covid19

Ladies, get your stylish 3-ply lace surgical masks today! Available in 5 different colors and made with high quality materials to filter out pollutants, these masks are sure to keep you safe from the dangerous covid19. Made for sensitive skin with a stylish lacey feel, this mask’s elastic fabric ear hook is designed for easy breathing so that you’ll remain healthy while looking great.


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