Air & Surface Disinfectant Fogger – 400ml


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Air & Surface Disinfectant Fogger – 400ml

This Air & Surface Disinfectant Fogger is a solvent based product that evaporates within seconds. It’s up to you to ensure that you handle the product in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

This method of cleaning allows for easy sanitizing of the entire area or surface and can cover an area of 9sqm.

SUITABLE FOR CLEANING: Cars, 4×4, boats, caravans, public transport, office spaces 4mm container boxes, -horse and box trailers, and all surfaces.

Ingredients: Ethanol 99.9%, Sodium Benziate, Propylene Glycol, D-Limonene, Glycerine, CB40 Gas.


Shake well before use. Position canister, press down hard to release fog then leave evacuate area for 30 min before returning. ECO DISPOSAL

Do not dispose of waste into storm water drains, sewer lines or vegetated areas.
This is a product that is scientifically formulated, to be used as both an air, and surface disinfectant, with a 70% alcohol for ultimate protection, at the time we need it most.


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