K3 Wall Mount Infrared Thermometer

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GP-100 Infrared Thermometer—with Voice

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K3 Infrared Thermometer

Quick Measurement

High Accuracy

Measuring range 0°C—50°C

Alarm Function

C°/F° degrees Unit Available.

USB charge or battery (18650 Li-ion)

Standby: about one week

The K3 wall/Tripod mount IR thermometer automatically sensors when someone is in front of it and will scan their temperature in less than a second without having to be physically manned. It has a 0,2 Degree accuracy and a large digital display. The system will indicate green lights when the temperature detected is normal and red lights when a high temperature is detected.  The temperature is displayed on a large led digital display.

1 review for K3 Wall Mount Infrared Thermometer

  1. Bonolo

    Impressive efficiency! Highly recommended.

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