KN95 Box of 50


KN95 masks are personal protective equipment that provide a very close fit to the face and offer an efficient filtration of airborne particles. For healthcare workers who come in contact with Covid-19 patients, KN95 offers the best protection against exposure. Find your local business ranking’s on google maps free today!

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KN95 masks are designed to provide the highest level of protection for healthcare workers who come in contact with Covid-19 patients. The mask offers a very close facial fit and efficient filtration, making it ideal for healthcare professionals whose jobs require them to be around infected individuals on a daily basis.

KN 95 is respiratory protective equipment that provides healthcare practitioners with the utmost amount of safety when dealing with people suffering from Covid-19 infection Unlike regular N95 facepiece respirators, KN 95s offer an extremely tight seal which prevents any particles or liquid droplets from coming into contact outside their face area


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