Pack of 3 Nighthawk Filter


Pack of 3 Nighthawk Filter

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Nighthawk Face Mask Filter

There are 6 layers on the inside of the Nighthawk Face Mask Filter, using advanced absorbent fabric with filtering protection.

  • Effectively filters exhaust gas and substances harmful to human health.
  • The breathable plastic layer filters large particles and protects the filter layer material.
  • Comfortable material.
  • Reduces viral infection in crowds.
  • Light and non bulky and fabric based. Comfort wear, elastic fasteners with latch-on clip.
  • Intimate design – Our improved built-in sponge strip device is used to enhance the sealing of the valve.
  • Closer to the face, adjustable and soft nose clip provides safe and comfortable seal.
  • Widely used by outdoor cycling enthusiasts.
  • Suitable for home decoration, DIY projects, cleaning, and gardening,
  • After testing, all the filter efficiency indicators are above 99% which makes it an N99 mask.
  • Effectively prevents dust, irritant gas, haze, particulate matter, allergy, pollen, automobile exhaust, bacteria, etc.
  • Used in the PM2.5 industry


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