Temperature Measuring Wrist Band


Body Temperature Measuring Wrist Band

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Body Temperature Measuring Wrist Band

Time Display
Short press the button to display the time. It will be clocked in 5 seconds when there is no operation, automatically turns off to save electricity.
Test the temperature
Under the state of time display, press the button to measure the temperature and symbol °C flashes. It will stop flashing when the test finished. There are two cases of abnormal temperature measurement (LO or HI is displayed), that indicated temperature too low or too high, out of range.
Set the time
Under the state of the time display, long press the button for 5 seconds to enter the setting of the clock numeric value, and short press to modify the number of hours.

Screen: LED Display
Button: Touch Button
Time Display: 24-hour Display Mode
Temperature Measurement Method: Contact Film Heart Conduction
Temperature Measurement Method: 30°-45°
Battery Capacity: 55mAh
Standby Time: about 90 days
Charging Method: Contact Charging


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