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              Protective Hygiene a Safety equipment supplier

Safety and protective equipment’s help keep the workplaces secure and help companies ensure follow the safety regulation. In this pandemic era, masks, face shields, sanitisers, infection detective devices like thermometers, oximeters, etc., help guard employees against infection.

Safety equipment supplier in South Africa- We are proud of PPE suppliers’ leading organization in South Africa. Thank you for managing your busy time to introduce you to our company, “Protective hygiene-a PPE supplier.”

With a wide range of equipment to handle COVID-19, Protective hygiene is the number 1 safety equipment supplier in South Africa. Protective hygiene is a leading manufacturer and supplier of safety equipment in the Johannesburg region.

Safety equipment like chemicals, disinfectants, dispensers, face shields, floggers, masks, sanitisers, thermometers, and many others supplies to the country’s industrial and private sectors and the wide range of the great African continent. 

The best Safety equipment supplier in South Africa

When it comes to the best safety equipment suppliers in south Africa, many companies offer such equipment, but which one to choose? Hundreds of South African companies provide masks, sanitisers, disinfectants, etc. But the thing is that they all provide comprehensive services? The answer is no. No so many of them provide as comprehensive services as Protective Hygiene. Protective hygiene is known as the best manufacturer and distributor of personal protective equipment locally and globally. With a low cost and option to shop via WhatsApp and other social media, we provide more flexible options to shop than the others. 

Recently, WHO states that the fast-spreading of infection is due to the high pricing of equipment that many people teach. We are trying to give you this equipment at a cost that will reach everyone.

What is Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)?

Safety equipment includes

  • Chemicals
  • Disinfectant
  • Dispensers
  • Essential Services Clothing Range
  • Face Shields
  • Foggers
  • Masks
  • Sanitisers
  • Thermometers and Devices


We have a wide range of high-quality chemicals, such as grit hand cleaner, high-pressure GP cleaner, germ buster, and many others.


We have a wide range of dispensary equipment that includes an automatic sanitiser dispenser, disposable suit, sanitiser dispenser stand, and many others.


We have a wide variety of masks that are an essential part of today’s society. Masks help in covering the face to resist the infection. You can get surgical masks, 3-ply masks, nighthawk filter masks, KN95, and N-95 masks, with many others in the stock at a reasonable price from our store.

Thermometers and Devices

We have different thermometers like an infrared thermometer, digital thermometer, wrist band measuring thermometer, and many others. We have other devices, too, like a portable sanitiser and pulse oximeter.


You can use foggers at home and offices. Foggers include sanitiser. You can make your home or office sanitised by just pushing a button. It will spread like perfume or other sprays.