Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Supplier Craighall Park

For your convenience Protective Hygiene has established a local collection point in Craighallpark, Gauteng.

Collect you PPE product orders from Protective Hygiene in Craighall Park at 22 Rutland Ave, Craighall Park, Randburg, 2196

Craighall Park is a place full of legends, great stories, and hidden gems. It’s a sleepy aesthetic suburb that stands on the heart pulse of South Africa. Whenever something new happens, Craighall Park is right there next to it, pushing it forward, celebrating it, and preserving it.

This leafy suburb, with its enormous plots, stunning gardens, and historical trees is a place full of life. There are a hundred things to see and do in Craighall Park, with its trendy restaurants, secret local crawls, hidden gems catering to the sophisticated palate and titillating the modern mind, it is easy to think this is one of the youngest and newest places in South Africa. In fact, it is one of the oldest suburbs in our country, it has stood beside the City of Gold for generations. It’s watched, taken part, and celebrated generation after generation of trendy restaurants, secrets, hidden gems, and epic night outs. There are a thousand stories to tell.

The homes are old, the trees are tall and grand, casting a great green canopy of sprawling lawns and bright blue pools. The people are a mixture of young and old, all full of life, bringing unique energy and vibrancy to all they do. They are brought together by the resident’s association, which is all about community, bringing people together, keeping them at the forefront of development and excitement in all thing’s food, fashion, business, and comfort, and of course security.

Craighall Park is connected to Joburg by the Jan Smuts Avenue, one of the main arteries in our Country. It is a short walk away from Parkhurst, Maboneng and Braamfontein. With all these incredible and historic amenities and destinations right at their disposal the People of Craighall Park need the best in the world when it comes to PPE.

Whether shopping at Sandton City, celebrating life at the Rosebank Hotel, or attending the many open-air markets, or just going to sit at your local spot, stay safe with us.

Protective Hygiene is honoured to form part of the forefront defence in South Africa. We are dedicated to bring you nothing but the best, and so excited to be part of the trendy, unstoppable and energetic life in Craighall Park.

Let us take care of you at your local markets, when you go to support and celebrate your local gems, when you want the glamor of the big city, when you want to eat the best food Joburg has to offer, or just want to go for a walk along the unmissable sights in Sandton. Let’s give Craighall Park what it needs to stay the way it is, let’s preserve the stories of the past, and the stories that still need to be told.

From surgical 3 ply masks, face shields, full body protection, the best and widest variety in face masks, sanitizers, and cutting-edge technology, Protective Hygiene is here to safeguard this small suburb with all the essentials. Protect yourself, your family, your neighbours, and kids, clean your hands, cars, cell phones, restaurants and groceries with Protective Hygiene.

We are here to make sure Craighall Park stays with us, keeps all the unique characteristics that makes it who it is, namely the people who live there. The commuters, the shop owners, the waitresses and waiters, the families and their babies without whom there is no Craighall Park.