Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Supplier Germiston

For your convenience Protective Hygiene has established a local collection point in Germiston, Gauteng.

Collect you PPE product orders from Protective Hygiene in Germiston at 3 Gamma Road, Germiston, 1400

Germiston is rich with history, full of energy and ambition. From the first it was set to be a special place, with a unique spot in the history of South Africa.

Founded in 1886 during the Gold Rush, this city has remained at the centre of growth and change in South Africa. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Gauteng, a hub of activity, business and culture. It boasts many distinguished accomplishments, the best marching band, the busiest airport, the oldest rowing club, some of the most famous South Africans in the world were born here.

One fact about the city that is really amazing; 70% of the western world’s gold passes through the city. Even though the South African Gold Rush did not last long, the Rand Refinery is still one of the busiest and biggest gold refineries in the world.

All roads pass through the city, all South Africans have at one point passed through the city. Worked in it, lived in it, loved in it. The city is as alive and vibrant and full of change as the country itself.

Protective Hygiene is excited to form another busy part of this steadily growing bustling mini-metropolis. We may not count alongside the likes of Helen Suzman, Ernie Els, Malcolm Marx, or Nobel Prize Winner Dr Sydney Brenner, but we will be doing our all for the future of this city. We are here to give the next generation of famous innovators, award winning writers, international sport stars, newscaster, and world changers what they need to face the challenges in this brand-new normal world.

With one of the biggest and busiest airports in Africa located in Germiston, we take our charge of Personal Protection very seriously. Whether it is locals travelling abroad, commuters, or international travellers come to our glorious country through the Rand Airport, we must all take precautions. Whether you travel by car, taxi or train, protect yourself and those around you at all times.

Take the defensive and safeguard your city with us, take a stand in your school, protect yourself, your family and friends. Keep studying, keep working, keep the traffic moving, let the music play, march with the bands and let the achievements flow. Place your orders online, we deliver or you can collect.

We are here to bring the best in face masks, sanitizers, and cutting-edge technology in personal protection to you, to Germiston.

Germiston’s history started with two men with a plan, and it will carry on with young men and women who adjust and adapt. The city will continue, the great buildings will stand, and the people will celebrate.

Living in this bustling city comes with its own set of challenges, we salute the hardworking doctors, nurses and other medical staff in the hospitals in this wonderful city who’ve worked hard and diligently during this time. Let us meet this new work head on, face the future together, and let’s keep up the pace Germiston going, and stay golden…