Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Supplier Henley on Klip

Looking for our PPE store in Henley on Klip, Gauteng? See our location details below.

Visit our PPE (personal protective equipment) store in Midvaal at 52 The Avenue, Henley on Klip, Meyerton, 1961.

People come to Henley on Klip to escape the chase of modern city life. They leave behind the busy traffic, loud street corners, and close over cramped living.

Henley on Klip is an old-fashioned village in more than one way. The community is involved, there is a mixture of residents, it’s livers and newbies, they are brought together by a dedication to preserve what brought them together in the first place.

The People of Henley on Klip leave the discomfort of hurry and noise behind. They come to sit in the shade of tall trees, to listen to the play of birds, to be close with their neighbour’s.

People come to Henley to make a comfortable life, to make a good life, a life worth living.

Protective Hygiene is here to make sure this life is lived with maximum comfort, ease, and efficiency. We’ve been in the community for several years, watching new people come and go, learning from those who stay, getting to know not only the people, but the pace at which they live and we hold nothing more sacred than the people of this village.

It is our mission to bring the absolute best in PPE to this wee village at the edge of the unstoppable rat race of the modern world. We are dedicated to preserving this place, and protecting the people.

From the light, friendly bustle of Ewelme, where our restaurants line up in friendly competition, to the tall trees that crowd Regatta Road, to the old-fashioned Library that entertains people of all ages, to the luscious dirt roads across the river, and the lazy glorious Klip itself, we are here for you.

Based in The Avenue, our showroom is stocked with only the best South Africa has to offer, from hand sanitizers, essential face masks, and scented surgical masks, to the latest in cutting edge technology. Our business is the care and preservation of people, the safeguarding of comfort.

We are a family run operation, we came for the peace and quiet. Our children attended school here, our dogs were raised in these peaceful slopes. Our heart is in this community, our imagination captured in the old houses, by the ghost stories, by the personalities who’ve dedicated their lives to making a safe space for all kinds.

Henley on Klip is a special place, a worthy place, a secret place. Near all who find these wide roads, enormous lots and unique houses – we challenge you to find one exactly like another – want to stay on. The people are friendly, their patience and openness make this the place to be.

From the stalwarts, the in-betweeners, young and old alike, there is a place for everyone. Protective Hygiene takes our duty of protection very seriously in these necks of the woods.

We cater to all, providing products suitable and essential for private homes, old folks homes, schools, businesses, and restaurants. Making life a tiny bit more comfortable and normal is all we care about, and for more information visit our showroom, or contact us.