Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Supplier Three Rivers

For your convenience Protective Hygiene has established a local collection point in Three Rivers, Midvaal, Gauteng.

Collect you PPE product orders from Protective Hygiene in Three Rivers at Mezza Luna restaurant, 82 Service Road, Three Rivers, Vereeniging, 1935.

Three Rivers is a suburb located on the edge of the Vaal River that takes things at its own pace.

Business, culture, farming all mix together in a graceful and confident way in this lovely little corner of the world.

Working farms, sweeping private plots crowded with small farm life, sturdy apartments and neat suburban homes dot the roads of Three Rivers. The people here do things in their own way, on their own terms.

Nestled between a Wildlife conservation and the Vaal River, Three Rivers is a close community with old school values and modern goals of restoration and transformation. The people take care of their roads, the old buildings, come together to make new traditions without sacrificing the dignity of the old. People get involved with each other, they start charities and non-profits for the maintenance of their small town. The people come together to celebrate art, enjoy music, food, outdoor living. They take care of each other, banding together in times of trouble and peace.

It is an extraordinary spot with its own character, determined, honest and hardworking, innovative and optimistic. Three Rivers is an earnest place, down to earth, and kind. The mixture of small farmers, big farmers, business owners and commuters bring out the best of each other, with everyone doing their bit.

Three Rivers is also the place to be, with a wide selection of activities and places of interest, this small corner caters to all tastes, with something for everyone. From the historic lodges, to the family owned winkeltjies, the multi-generational grocery stores and the River Square Shopping Mall, there is no shortage of things to do.

Protective Hygiene is looking forward to being in this small community, excited to serve this idiosyncratic corner of the world and its fantastic people. We want to protect your businesses, the families who run them, the workers who stand by them, and the employers who stand by their workers.

We stand with your schools, your young students, the readers, the innovators, inventors, teachers and parents of the next generation of Three Rivers. Our charge is protecting the farmers, the shop owners, the shoppers, and the commuters, and we take it very seriously. We stand with the frontline warriors who’ve been essential during this time. We are with your nurses, your doctors, your medical staff of all kinds and levels. We thank you for your hard work and stand by you and your families as we come together to finish this battle.

Protective Hygiene brings the best in PPE to your suburb. Our selection of 3 ply facemasks, foggers, single use full body protection and state of the art technology is at your disposal. Order from our online store or speak with our helpful and efficient staff on the phone, we bring our PPE to you. Collect at our set points, or call for courier, delivery in Midvaal is free.

We are here to make sure you keep innovating, keep farming, keep working. We are here to make sure Three Rivers keeps going, stays on, fights on stronger than before, we are here to see everyone protected against this unseen enemy. We come to relieve your concerns, ease your worry, and arm you with all the weapons in our arsenal. Keep safe out there Three Rivers.