covid safety tips for shopping

Safety tips for grocery shopping

Even though things are slowly going back to normal in few sectors, it is important to stay ahead of things. In addition to wearing face masks, washing hands, sanitizing our phones, and our homes, it is important to keep on top of things when it comes to what we bring into our homes.

Although many home deliveries are now available, it is always clever to be careful, now more than ever. Below we’ve compiled some useful tips for your shopping habits.

Before we get started, a few disclaimers.

Do not wash fruits and vegetables with disinfectant or alcoholic based wipes.

Coronavirus is a respiratory disease, it passes person-to-person. The chances of contracting this disease off any random surface is highly unlikely, not zero.

The majority of stores and shops practise excellent hygiene, especially when it comes to food.
The surfaces in stores are not the threat, other sick people are all that poses a threat when you leave your house. If you are infected do you not go to the store, if you know someone else who is, take extra care when leaving the house.

Now let’s get to the tips.

  1. Disinfect the cart and handles, or clean reusable shopping bags

When leaving the house take a mask. Gloves are not suitable for prevention, the plastic ones are porous, and all it does is move germs around. When getting a cart disinfect the handles and sides, the same with baskets and reusable bags – take extra care of reusable bags wash them in really warm water, and every time after used wipe down with alcoholic based disinfectant. In the event of having young children with you, make sure to wipe them the cart before putting them inside.

  • Store etiquette

Do not touch things unless you decided to purchase them. Especially from the fresh produce aisle. Also be sure to keep an eye on little children, see what they touch and what they put against their faces or mouths. When finished shopping, wipe cart down again, most stores now have disinfection stations at cart sections.

  • Bringing groceries home

Set the groceries down on a clean table. Cans and boxes can be wiped down, but long live items put in cupboards are pretty safe, if they are contaminated with Coronavirus, it will most likely die in 24 hours. You can set aside the groceries in a low traffic area over night, but for the items that must immediately go into the fridge, wipe them down with water. For fruits that need peeling before eating, or vegetables that will be rinsed before cooking are generally safe. Frozen foods can be wiped down, you can remove it from the cardboard packaging if you want, but if it is wiped down it should be fine.

  • Finishing up

Set up a decontamination station for your kids. Wash their hands and faces, and their clothes. With adults it is sufficient to wash hands. Wipe off the counters and tabletops, use disposable wipes and get rid of them as soon as possible. When using a dishcloth wash it in warm water.

Taking care of what you buy and yourself is at the centre of this. Remember to eat the vegetables and the fruits and take care of your health first and foremost. What you eat is just as important as what you clean.

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