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Smartphone Sanitizer

Personal Protection Equipment has formed permanent parts of our lives. We do not leave the house without a mask, we see mechanised hand sanitizer dispenser all over the place, tik tok is full of babies walking around looking for the dispenser button.

We are washing our hands obsessively, wiping down our cars, computers, and covering our faces. Our lives have changed, and grown in most cases. Germaphobes are having a moment, however, one of the things that is often overlooked in this New Normal is cell phone etiquette.

Statistics have shown our cell phones are likely to carry ten times the number of germs as a public bathroom. We take our phones with us everywhere, we go into public bathrooms, our own bathrooms, we go out, we stay in, we hold it against our faces, we let our kids play with it. When things are oily, or icky, we wipe it down with our sleeves, or our pants. This is something we are all guilty off.

But don’t worry, there is a solution, an excellent solution.

Let’s introduce you to the Smartphone Sanitizer. It is a lightweight device, with an attached lid that opens to reveal a small chamber. The chamber is lined with safe ultraviolet light, which when you close the lid, after plugging in the device, shines on your phone or small tablet and destroys viruses and germs.

This is cutting edge technology, utilized in hospitals to clean surgical instruments. It completely eliminates micro-organisms, such as Streptococcus, E. coli – which is one of the most common germs that can severely impact your well-being – and salmonella.

All you need to do, to protect yourself, is plug in the device, wait for the voice to conveniently announce when it’s ready, insert your phone, and wait 10 minutes. Leaving you an excellent opportunity to disconnect from the news, from Social Media, and introduce some positive disconnected habits in your live.

Meditate, or stretch, or sit with your family and talk about your day.

The voice is loud, clear to understand and it is quite a convenient practise. Even when this time passes, and it will pass, I suggest taking this habit with you. Phones are not going anywhere soon, it is advisable to stay safe, always.

And when the mood strikes you, there is an aromatherapy setting on the device. To activate this, improve your meditation or simply refresh, drop preferred aroma into the diffuser inlet (3-5 drops recommender, *the diffuser does not work while sanitizing your phone, or charging, do not attempt both at one time). The voice function will conveniently announce when the diffusing beings, and when it will finish.

The device is rated for 20, 000 hours, with wireless charging, USB port, and also usable for watches, jewellery – compact design 8.5”x4.8” x.2. Max capacity is 6-inch mobile phone, with 5V low voltage.

Equip your smart home with a device for our new world, and keep connected knowing you and your family is safe, from 99.9% germs.


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