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The Infrared Thermometer

Up until a year ago an Infrared Thermometer was not an item that you would find in many households, unless the household had a sickly child or senior citizen residing in it. Even then a simple digital thermometer was good enough to measure the temperature of someone who was not well. In 2020 things took a turn when Covid-19 pounced on the entire world and made PPE (Protective Hygiene Equipment) an absolute necessity.

We all know what a thermometer is, but what is so special about in Infrared thermometer, especially when used amidst the current pandemic?

Infrared thermometers are able to record the temperature of the body, surfaces or any other environment. This is not possible with a normal digital thermometer. The readings that are taken with an Infrared thermometer are obtained within seconds, whereas the reading taken with a digital thermometer takes much longer to record.

How Does the Infrared Thermometer Work?

The Infrared thermometer works by focusing light that is coming from any object in the form of Infrared rays. Once it has done this it funnels that light into a detector otherwise known as a  thermopile. It is in the thermopile that the Infrared radiation is turned into heat, which is then turned into electricity. This is then measured to give a temperature reading.

How to Use an Infrared Thermometer

When using the Infrared thermometer you need to aim the probe of the thermometer to the center of the forehead. It is important to not touch the forehead directly. One you have aimed it at the head gently press the measurement button to get a reading.

How Accurate are Infrared Thermometers?

When used correctly Infrared thermometers or no-contact thermometers have the same accuracy levels as an oral or rectal thermometer.  In other words, they are extremely accurate. They are also an very useful resource to have when you are a school, a restaurant or a shopping center that needs to measure each person before they enter the premises. 

These thermometers are safe, fast, accurate and an absolute must-have if you are the owner of a business or facility that has to deal with customers on a daily basis.

What Temperature is Normal When Using an Infrared Thermometer?

No-contact thermometers are typically used by paediatricians who are trying to measure a child’s temperature while they bounce and squirm around when getting their temperatures read.

A normal temperature range is normally between 34.7 °C and 37.3 °C when using an Infrared thermometer.

Non-Contact and The Infrared Thermometer

Infrared thermometers are used for non-contact measuring of temperatures on humans in order to detect fever.  Due to its non-contact measurement system it allows for a distance of up to 5cm this allowing the person who it taking the temperature to stand at an arm’s length to measure a person for any signs of fever.

Although temperature screening is not the only means of protection against the Coronavirus is does, if carried out with the right equipment, enhance protection and can limit the spread of the virus in the workplace and schools.

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Where Can I Get an Infrared Thermometer in South Africa?

With the Coronavirus being the most prevalent virus in last few months, infrared thermometers are relatively easy to come by.  Be careful, however, where you purchase your thermometer from. A reliable and accurate Infrared thermometer is always the best thermometer!

Protective Hygiene’s Infrared Thermometer Solutions

Protective Hygiene is here to cater for all your Infrared thermometer needs. Our products include:

Infrared Thermometer

An Infrared thermometer that is suitable for infants, young children, and adults. This non-contact infrared forehead thermometer quickly and accurately detects your body temperature through the technology of infrared. There is no need for bodily contact thus hygienically eliminating cross-infection. Extremely easy-to-use design that delivers accurate temperature readings within seconds.

Andon Certified Infrared Thermometer

This Infrared thermometer measures your temperature in one second and is equipped with the most advanced medical infrared technology for accuracy and reliability. Its non-contact design helps minimize the spread of germs. Completely safe for use on both children and adults.

DH-IRT01 Thermometer

This Infrared thermometer features:

  • Precise non-contact measurements
  • Quickly adapts to ambient temperature
  • Automatic data hold and power off
  • Back light LCD display
  • Accurate measurement

K3 Wall Mount Infrared Thermometer

K3 Infrared Thermometer

Quick Measurement

High Accuracy

Measuring range 0°C—50°C

Alarm Function

C°/F° degrees Unit Available.

USB charge or battery (18650 Li-ion)

Standby: about one week

The K3 wall/Tripod mount IR thermometer automatically sensors when someone is in front of it and will scan their temperature in less than a second without having to be physically manned. It has a 0,2 Degree accuracy and a large digital display. The system will indicate green lights when the temperature detected is normal and red lights when a high temperature is detected.  The temperature is displayed on a large led digital display.

Protective Hygiene are proud suppliers of Infrared Thermometers, Oxy meters, Masks, Gloves, Sanitisers, Face Shields and Thermometers and much more!

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